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Cables and Connectors

We planned a huge section on cables and still do, but in the meantime we are still thinking about it.

Short Note: Cables are an important part of a radio system. If you come from the LAN world, cable run lengths of less than 100 metres are ignored - very big mistake in the radio world. In general, cable runs should be kept as short as possible, since, depending on the cable specification losses can be very high. Better still, elimate the cable by careful placement of the receiver if at all practical.

If you cannot eliminate the cable then you are, depending on cable type, looking at losses of 0.25 to 1 dB per 3 metres (~9 feet). As always in this life the lower the cable loss the higher the cable price. Use this calculator if you have any cables runs at all. Warning: before using the calculator you will need to know the cable type being used.

Sigh. One day Real Soon Now ™

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