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French Language Survival Guide

For Non-French speaking visitors

Most (about 80%) of the city population is bi-lingual (less as you get into the suburbs) and extremely helpful. All the road signs are in French so here is an essential guide.

French English
Nord North
Sud South
Est East
Ouest West
Arret Stop
Gauche Left
Droite Right
Tout Droit Straight on
Gardez le Gauche Keep Left
Gardez la Droite Keep Right
rue Street
chemin Street
boulevard You already know French!!
rue barré Road closed
Bienvenue Welcome
Bon Journée Have a Nice Day
Bonjour Hello

It's a lot of fun to try and speak someone else's language and adds to the ambiance of the journey - enjoy your stay and 'Bienvenue à Montreal' (Welcome to Montreal)


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