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DNS and Telephony (VoIP) Training

Duration: 1 day.

La formation est aussi disponible en français.

Other courses: Basic DNS, DNS Security, Advanced DNS, DNS and IPv6, DNS and RPZ, DNS and Telephony (VoIP), DNS and RPZ, DNS on Windows Servers, LDAP Courses, Telecommunications/SS7 courses.

The primary focus of the course is BIND which is available on Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms. The course is offered with Linux (Fedora Core), FreeBSD or Windows 7, 8 or 10 as the platform for all exercises.


Reliable and robust operation of the DNS hierarchy - from the root servers to an individual domain name server - is critical to all Internet operations and particularly when used to support telephony. The course covers the configuration and operation of DNS systems used to support VoIP and Telephony applications - specifically uses in Mobile systems, SIP, H.323 and ENUM are covered. While the primary focus of the course is BIND other DNS software (NSD and Windows) will be discussed.


Students will review the theory behind the DNS hierarchy, the DNS protocol, forward and reverse mapping zone files. The major Zone file Resource Records (SOA, NS, MX, CNAME, A, AAAA, PTR, TXT, SRV and NAPTR) are described and explained in detail with reference to their uses in SIP, H.323 and ENUM applications. The course includes a number of hands on configuration exercises.


The course is designed for DNS administrators, Network and System Administrators, VoIP administrators and those who need a thorough understanding of the the DNS when used to support telephony applications. Students with a particular interest in IPv6 mobile applications should attend the DNS and IPv6 course. Students should ideally have attended the Basic DNS course or have two years of DNS operational experience.

About the Instructor

Ron Aitchison is the author of Pro DNS and BIND (Apress ISBN: 1-59059-494-0) and Pro DNS and BIND10 (Apress ISBN-13: 978-1590594940). Ron has been involved in communications and networking for more years than he cares to admit and is president and founder of Zytrax, Inc. a company specializing in IP communications (wired and wireless), systems development and consulting in Montreal, Canada. He has been involved with Open Source for over 15 years and is the primary author of the Tech Stuff, DNS for Rocket Scientists and LDAP for Rocket Scientists available as free resources for the community.



Module 1: DNS Refresher

Module 2: DNS Security Basics

Module 3: Mobile Telephony

Module 4: VoIP and DNS

Module 5: DNS Configurations

Module 6: ENUM

Module 7: Summary

Other courses: Basic DNS, DNS Security, Advanced DNS, DNS and IPv6, DNS and RPZ, DNS on Windows Servers, LDAP Courses, Telecommunications/SS7 courses.


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