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Telecommunications Technologies

Duration: 2 days.

La formation est aussi disponible en français.

Other courses: DNS Training, LDAP Training.

The world of telecommunications changed significantly with the introduction of Common Channel Signalling System #7 (SS7) and Advanced Intelligent Networks (AIN/IN). As a consequence of the SS7/AIN model's flexibility and power the architecture it is now, universally, the basis of value-added service enhancement on Cable and Mobile networks as well as the classic PSTN. With the rollout of high speed, feature rich 2G and 3G mobile platforms todays Mobile networks offer unparalled opportunities for new and exciting applications. SIGTRAN, by enabling extension of the SS7 network into the IP (Internet) world, is noow THE key technology to facilitate development of value-added services for the PSTN, VoIP, Cable and Mobile networks. As all the service providers move toward a triple play world, the imagination may become the limiting factor in service development.


Telecommunications Technologies is not a bits and bytes course but rather gives students an understanding about how all the pieces fit together and how they can be leveraged into business opportunities. Students learn about the growth and development of the PSTN, Cable, Mobile and Internet worlds.

SS7 and SIGTRAN protocols, being critical infrastructure, are covered in sufficient detail to allow students to appreciate their capabilities and power and extensive use is made of call animation scenarios to enable students to visualize where, and how, value-added call processing can be added. VoIP (SIP) functionality is described and mapped onto its equivalent functionality in the traditional telephony world (Mobile, PSTN). At the end of the course students design, and outline the implementation of, value added services for PSTN, Mobile, Cable and VoIP networks.


The course is designed for marketing, planning and business development personnel working within the Service Provider and equipment supplier industries for VoIP, Cable, Mobile or the PSTN, together with those who need a thorough understanding of the architecture and business opportunies available within the current telecommunications environment. A reasonable understanding of computing or telecommunications systems is a prerequisite for the course.

About the Instructor

Ron Aitchison is the author of Pro DNS and BIND (Apress ISBN 1-59059-494-0) which was the first book to cover the new DNS security protocols (DNSSEC). Ron has been involved in communications and networking for more years than he cares to admit and is president and founder of Zytrax, Inc. a company specializing in IP communications (wired and wireless), systems development, training and consulting in Montreal, Canada. He has been involved with Open Source systems for over 10 years.


Module 1: History and Overview

Module 2: Packet Switching

Module 3: Telephony Architecture

Module 4: Mobile Networks

Module 5: The Internet

Module 6: SIGTRAN

Module 7: Voice over IP (VoIP)

Module 8: The Future

Other courses: DNS Training, LDAP Training.


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