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Tech Stuff - Survival Guides

We forget stuff - frequently. These survival guides are meant as quick (some of them a pretty long) and dirty (no smut) overviews of various, mostly open-source, software that we use on both Linux and FreeBSD and, depending on the software, occasionally on Windows. While some may call this kind of thing a cheat-sheet we prefer the term survival guide since it plays to our sense of the dramatic and on more than one occasion was no exaggeration.

If this stuff is useful - we will all be very happy. If it is not useful - well that's just too bad. Though if we do miss something obvious you could drop us an email.

The general style of each guide is to describe the basic functions - locations, logging, configuration files, basic commands and the occasional weird stuff (it seemed important at the time) and then link to more detailed sources where appropriate.

Digital Audio The beginning of a new section on digital audio - since the field is enormous these pages are a mere splash in the ocean. But they make a nice sound. Equalization. Glossary. Frequencies and harmonics, digital sound primer, acoustic calculator. And some other stuff even we forget.
Cron Scheduling a task seems to be a simple enough process - but it quickly gets real confusing 'cos of all the features and options. Covers FreeBSD and Linux (Fedora Core).
Cryptography Overviews and tutorial material on Cryptography, Authentication, Authorization, Hashes, Digest, MAC, digital signatures and other eye-popping, headache inducing stuff.
FreeBSD Update Information about upgrading FreeBSD, keeping it up to date using the superb freebsd-update, updating ports and if you are into ruby whether to use ports or RubyGems to keep up to date.
Kerberos Kerberos V. The only network authentication (and authorization) protocol in town. As used in Active Directory (AD). And GSSAPI. We feel a headache coming on.
MySQL The ever popular MYSQL. Good Database software but operationally a bit confusing. IOHO.
NT LAN Manager Some information on NT LAN Manager that we collected some years ago for a Samba PDC project. We were trying to understand LAN Manager. Bad mistake.
Postfix Postfix SMTP Agent. We use Postfix in combination with Dovecot as the Mail agent (with Squirrelmail for web mail access). Includes configuring virtual_mailbox_domains, virtual_alias_domains, TLS, spamassasin, amavis, greylisting, spf, piping mail to scripts and some UCE controls.
sed Sed is incredibly useful and brutally complex. Some notes on its uses and links to other material on our page introducing regular expressions.
SSL/TLS/X.509 All you never wanted to know about SSL/TLS and X.509 certificates - including generating self-signed certificates with OpenSSL. Gruesome stuff. Take a couple of days off after reading this section.
wxWidgets We had an 'up close and personal' encounter recently with wxWidgets (2.8.10). Gobs of documentation. Really superb job. However, we couldn't find anything on tooltips, menus and context menus (a.k.a. popup menus). Bound to be there. But where? This page was the result.

Problems, comments, suggestions, corrections (including broken links) or something to add? Please take the time from a busy life to 'mail us' (at top of screen), the webmaster (below) or info-support at zytrax. You will have a warm inner glow for the rest of the day.

Tech Stuff

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